ForceManager’s AI-powered, voice-activated personal sales assistant has completely transformed how field representatives utilize their CRM.

CRM Integration

A simple, fully customizable CRM system that integrates with the software you use on a day to day basis.

CRM Offline

Work on the go, at home or from a client’s office with the mobile CRM that’s accessible regardless of internet coverage.

CRM Security

Data hosted in ForceManager belongs to our customers, and we take their privacy and security very seriously. See what being ISO 27001 certified means for your data security.

Mobile Access

Via tablet, mobile, laptop, smartwatch – complete access to the sales funnel, real-time analytics and business emails wherever, whenever you might need them.

Multi-Platform CRM

ForceManager CRM is available on all major operating platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Automated Reporting

Report a sales call in less than 10 seconds with a mobile CRM that removes the pressure weighing down your sales reps.


Objective, real-time analysis of sales rep activity based on automated reports directly from the field.

Improve your sales team’s performance:
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