Is your news falling on deaf ears?

The sales accelerator that shows which field reps missed your most important messages

Have my field reps read my messages?

Has my message been read and understood?

How many times have you heard, “Well, I didn’t see it…”?

How many times have you heard, “Well, I didn’t see it…”?

Well, now there’s an easy fix.

News Manager

ForceManager’s all-in-one sales accelerator platform ensures all your messages are read (not just opened) - no excuses.

Send a message

Send a message

As simple as email – prepare your message, select recipients and hit send.

Roger that!

Message delivered

Your field reps receive a notification, with the option to read now or postpone until later.

Comunication dashboard

Message dashboard

NewsManager gives you a status overview of your sent messages.

Not responding?

No answer?

Your team will receive a daily notification until they confirm they have read the message.

Optimize your follow-up

Optimize your follow-up

By only targeting those who haven’t sent a confirmation.

How does it work?

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