ForceManager keeps track of all previous interactions between a customer and your company: sales calls, comments, phone calls, email, queries, concerns etc. It’s all there, accessible from a single screen right before entering that crucial meeting. The better prepared you are, the better the meeting – and the higher the sales conversion rate.

And to take those conversion rates to another level, ForceManager’s AI-powered, voice-activated personal sales assistant Cognitive can communicate this info, hands free, to field representatives while travelling between visits.



Field sales reps work to some of the busiest, deadline driven schedules out there - moving from one end of the city or state to the other. All this movement can, however, make it extremely difficult to keep track of sales activity. ForceManager automatically shows you relevant details of the account you’re visiting based on your current position. An intuitive, geolocated CRM system you can depend upon when things get a little tough out in the field.

Map of Accounts


Wherever you go, you’ll be carrying your pipeline with you. Manage and update sales funnel activity or check the status of other related deals. Stages and real-time data fields can also be customized to match your unique sales process. Opportunities are geolocated and so can be viewed on a map relative to your current position.

Map of Opportunities

Quotes and Orders

When closing a deal during a sales call, reps want a system that facilitates the smoothest transaction process as possible. With ForceManager you can select a product, the number of units plus any discount you’re offering directly from your mobile CRM. Mobile order taking means having agile processes, reduced administrative costs and making a positive, lasting impression with a client.

Quotes and Orders


Sales reps have a major influence on your brand image, which is why you want a sales team equipped with modern devices and impressive digital resources. ForceManager includes cloud storage for sales collateral, such as video presentations, brochures, PDF, PowerPoint... upload the content you need to boost your sales quota.



ForceManager mobile CRM has its own calendar that can be easily integrated with the one you use on a day to day basis. You can therefore navigate easily between tasks and accounts, and check the day’s most efficient sales route on a map.

Day Route

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