The Challenge

Before deploying ForceManager, Now Vauxhall’s sales force used basic paper forms for their reporting; an ineffi-cient and difficult to analyse process. It meant that sales managers and directors spent a lot of time collating the forms, and because sales representatives often didn’t pro-vide detailed reports, the company did not have accurate and up-to-date information about customer visits. It also meant that the dealership was consuming large volumes of paper, for very little benefit.

“Hundreds of customers were not getting the regular visits that they should have because the company simply didn’t have any way of monitoring and tracking visits, severely hampering our sales effort,” commented Dave Royal, Com-mercial Director at Now Vauxhall, “At the same time, the paper form system did not provide sales management with any meaningful insight into sales activity, preventing them from developing strategies to increase account coverage and sales performance.”

The Solution

With a database of around 2,500 customers, Now Vauxhall needed a better way of monitoring customer interactions and reporting on sales activity, in order to provide more accurate information and glean greater insights into sales staff performance.

ForceManager provided the dealership with an automated and efficient solution for mobile sales management. Be-cause the application automatically records every inter-action between sales representatives and customers, the company has a much clearer picture of sales activity and can easily identify customers that have not been visited recently.

“The ForceManager application increases efficiencies and streamlines processes for both salespeople and their man-agers,” explained Royal, “Salespeople can instantly access the information they need when they visit customers, in-cluding spend history and account status. They record the outcome of the meeting on their smartphone with voice recording, while sales managers and directors spend less time collating paper forms and more time analysing sales staff performance.”

ForceManager also worked closely with Now Vauxhall to develop and tailor the system for the needs of an automo-tive dealer. Royal added: “Our sales staff can now access information such as how many ramps a garage has and what supplier they currently use – information that is useful to them and specific to their industry. This extra knowledge enables them to spend more time selling rele-vant and appropriate items instead of constantly scoping and re-scoping the potential opportunities.”

The Result

Deploying ForceManager has resolved the issues that the previous paper-based system of reporting was causing.

Field sales representatives now visit customers with all the resources and information they need, improving their ability to sell and their relationship with the customer. “While staff were initially sceptical about the solution, they have quickly come to rely on it as an essential tool as it im-proves their ability to do their job,” Royal continued, “They no longer have to waste time filling out paper forms, giving them more time to contact customers and ultimately meet and exceed their sales targets.”

Since deploying ForceManager, Now Vauxhall has in-creased its account coverage ensuring that all customers receive regular visits, having a positive impact on sales figures. Royal commented: “We had noticed a major differ-ence in the purchasing behaviour of those customers that were contacted regularly and those that weren’t – in some cases it was a net difference of up to 23% in sales. Force-Manager has allowed us to track those customers who were not contacted regularly and include targeted oppor-tunities, then enabled us to schedule visits systematically. This has, in turn, enabled us to recover those lost sales and win new business, ensuring that we remain front of mind when it comes to purchasing supplies.”

The automated reporting and analytics provides Now Vauxhall’s sales management with more accurate and detailed information about sales activity. They can analyse staff performance and identify customers that have not been visited recently.

"Using ForceManager we have implemented a more efficient call cycle by automating all our reporting. This provides us with an accurate overview of all our sales activity and gives managers and directors instant access to the information generated by the reports,” said Royal, “Ultimately the ForceManager solution has improved the bottom line as staff throughout the sales cycle have better quality information available to them, improving customer coverage and subsequently increasing sales.”

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