The Challenge

Bare Metal Standard is growing into a national network of franchisees that services and cleans kitchen exhaust systems to mitigate fire hazards. The corpus of Bare Metal Standard was founded in 1964 in Boise Idaho. Today the Idaho based company now has Franchisees in over 8 different states stretching from Texas up to the north west coast in Portland, OR.

Research from Bare Metal Standard pointed out that emails and cold calls were not nearly as effective as putting a sales rep in front of a potential client. Consequently, they needed a system to help guide their sales teams and ultimately track every touch point with potential clients.

“We used InfusionSoft for a period of time but what we found was that it didn’t have the mobile capabilities that we needed,” said James Taylor, Sales and Marketing Manager at Bare Metal Standard. “The user uptake from our franchisees was extremely low as they struggled to see the value in using such a system. We were trying to drive behavior and right off the bat they rejected it because of the low value proposition.”

The Solution

As a result, Bare Metal Standard searched out and tested other CRM options.

“We tried around 4 different CRMs some of them had great mobile, some had great mapping, others had great structure, said Taylor”. “However, they all really lacked in the area of flexibility and customization that we needed. That’s when we found ForceManager.”

The level of customization available throughout the platform, from lead generations and the sales funnel to personalized quotations meant ForceManager became a key factor in the decision making process.

“At first it seemed too good to be true. There was just so much that ForceManager was able to deliver, we were a little apprehensive as we’d been promised all these things before. It’s safe to say ForceManager delivered.”

The Result

ForceManager helped optimize the sales process at Bare Metal Standard by providing managers with unprecedented levels of transparency throughout their field sales team, increasing sales figures by 19% across their territories.

“Without having the CRM to see what leads are converting and something to measure one rep against another, you don’t know the level of success you are having, said Taylor” “ForceManager places this at your fingertips”.

“Furthermore I’m now able to help my franchisees with potential sales as they are able to show me the types systems our clients are using. Through the built-in image capturing I have a visual reference to give me a better understanding of how exactly we can help - It’s a wonderful asset to have rather than emailing that information back and forth”.

ForceManager has also greatly improved the field sales rep’s time and efficiency, as they’re now able to input data that which is then transformed into a quote within the same system.

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