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The mobile CRM that allows you
to measure, analyse and improve your sales team’s performance.

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ForceManager's happy customers

Sales Reps
finally, a mobile CRM that works for you

Forget about reporting: it’s a waste of time. ForceManager does your reporting for you, automatically. Manage your data easily, and focus on what’s really important: selling.

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Sales Managers
welcome to data-driven sales management

Gain insight into your field sales team’s activity and performance. Anticipate problems, replicate good practices and boost productivity.

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Reasons to buy

Get better insight

Knowledge is power. By automatically gathering data and analysing your sales team’s behaviour, ForceManager helps you manage your sales force more effectively.

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Boost performance

Through intelligent, automatically generated reports, ForceManager incentivises sales people to work harder and shows them how to be more effective.

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Maximize efficiency

ForceManager automatically records sales activity, taking away the need for sales people to fill in reports and freeing up time for selling.

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Go mobile

Only by having all members of the sales team use the same tools, can you achieve optimum coordination. Native, mobile apps with a friendly user experience ensure high adoption and easy use.

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What clients and experts say about us

Now Vauxhall

“The simplicity of the tool has facilitated its adoption by sales reps; the paperwork has essentially disappeared; reps no longer need to report manually and can concentrate on improving their results”

R. Sword - Group Parts Manager at Now Vauxhall

"By using ForceManager, our sales team managed to increase the client portfolio coverage by up to 68% in the last quarter.”

R. Smith - Customer Strategy Manager at BASF
Talk Sales Europe

“ForceManager has boosted the visibility and productivity of our team’s real-time sales activity and this has translated into huge time saving for us – we are definitely selling smarter now!”